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 Bizarre Crap. What else can I call it?


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Past Programs


9-11-2022 From Biology To Born Again 

7- 31-2022 Shut up and listen

7-24-2022  The Mark Of The Beast

7-10-2022 In Descending times, be the calm 

5-22-2022 Time to rejuvenate  

 5-8-2022  Wash your windows, then pull your weeds

 5-1-2022  It's Coming! In fact, it's happening now. You better be ready for it!

4-23-22 Lost and Found 

4-17-22 Proof of Life

4-10-22  Demonic forces in the Media and its agenda

4-2-22 The Holy Spirit

3-21-2022 Guard your heart

3-26-2020 Are you saved, and how do you know?