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Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple Cut their own throats. Alienate Millions of Americans Through Censorship.

Ray Pompa

Scripture News editor


Big Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook banned the President of the United States for life; Google/Apple performed Communist style takeover of the conservative social platform Parler by taking down the App on download sites, in an effort to control what you see and hear, denying millions of Americans and in particular the 70,000,000 people that voted for President Trump their 1st amendment rights as citizens. Their rationalization being fueled by fake news and a hate for the conservative party and The United States in general.


The motivation of the Socialist regime is by using tactics that incorporate their mantra: "The end justifies the means". After the announcement that Parler would be denied to millions of conservatives (or anyone for that matter), there was a mass exodus from twitter to Parler resulting in an overload in the system. Many people reported that they couldn't get on the site. Don 't worry. Other download third party sites will emerge.


After a fraudulent election in which Joe Biden was declared the winner by the State media. Antifa groups posing as Peaceful Trump supporters stormed the Capital and gave anti Trumpers and Rino politicians an excuse to back peddle on contesting the electoral vote and a rigged election investigation that could change the outcome of the election and prevent "the Steal".





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