Satan’s attack on man

By Jason York 2/27/2021

It’s no secret there’s a beat down on men, anything that’s masculine, from the radical push to feminize men to changing the core of what it means to be a man. God made man for a purpose and a reason. When king David was on his deathbed passing the baton of leader ship to his son Solomon, there’s a lot of different things he could’ve said to him. Instead he said these words: “Be strong and show yourself a man”. (1 Kings 2:2) Do you know why he said that? Because he knew what was ahead of him, it’s because men matter; and matter more than they even know. It’s time for men to rise up. The good news is there seems to be something stirring in the hearts of men all across this country and around the world, causing them to wake up and say I am here for a reason. God has designed me for a reason and I will take what God has given me and use it to the abilities that I have, and trust God to take me further with the abilities I do not yet have. God has always used men in times where they were at their lowest, to show that he is the almighty, that he has the power, and through us as men he will rise up a nation. A nation that will defend those who cannot defend them selves and look after those who have been left behind and lost. We will care for, and trust, and look after all that God has given us. On this day we cry out to the Lord help me to be the man you have designed me to be. show me my purpose. Give me the drive the desire and the courage to stand against that which I know is wrong, and protect those that you have put in my path, Lord. I love you and I o er myself as a living sacrifice. Do with me what you ff will. I am your servant, and humbly I throw myself at your feet. Make me that man you desire me to be. . In the name of Jesus Christ, and through the power of the Holy Spirit under the guise and watch of the Almighty I pray this. Amen